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Shep’s Custom Windows Mobile 6.5 rom for HTC Touch Pro

As most of you have found out, Monx no longer offers his rom trough XDA, but strictly trough his website.  Access to his roms is now only available after a donation.  You’re choice, his rom’s are worth it, check it out here And that will be the last thing I write about RoMeOS, until his policy changes.

now for another ROM.  I highly recommend Shep’s Custom Windows Mobile 6.5 series.  It’s as fast & Stable as Windows Mobile 6.1 (if not faster on many occasions), I have a GPS lock within 5-10 seconds (with quick gps data downloaded), etc.

You might want to check out the new windows Mobile 6.5 interface, personally I prefer the Touch Flo 3D 2 interface!

Check it out here

Update on Themes, roms, games & dialer for your HTC Touch Pro / Fuze

long time since there has been an update,

some new themes for your touch pro / Fuze

What is CFC compression

Thanks to Chainfire for that. What’s CFC? Its a compression method for the tf3d image files that greatly reduces file size. The CFC cab and zip below also included a modified manila.exe and mode9.dll necessary for the cfc compressed files along with two other dlls and ALL manila image files compressed. CFC compression allows for quicker tf3d.

BBExtreme 2 link



This is, in my opinion, the nicest theme around.  CFC and non CFC version available.  only problem => the guy removed the calender.  A new version should come available this weekend with the calender added back in!

Blue TF3D link


from the same guy, nice blue theme.  CFC compressed version available.


Touch Pro Super Arcade 3.3 link

One cab, with these games

Navtetris by Baldo
Net Hack PPC by M Stephenson
All Mobile Mines by BinaryFish
Battleship by Steve Belczyk
Chess by Valentin Iliescu
Clickball by
Connecting Jigsaw
Crosswords by Eric House
Cubicle Chaos from Microsoft
Dope Wars by Jenifer Glover
ICBM by Geoff Macdonald
G-Invaders by ageye DONATE
Tangled Bugs by XflibINFO
TripYzee by Tim C.
Caver by Ageye DONATE
Diamond Beer v2 by cgeboers
Sensory Overload by Koush
Pocket Uno by OrangaProgramaro
Pipes by Xflib
Sudoku by Xflib


I’ve flashed a lot of roms in the last few months.  Some ROMS to remember

The Amazing Rom v10 R WWE link


This is without a doubt, one of the nicest looking roms out there.  It’s quite fast, and a nice addition id P.D.M.  This enables you to download cabs from the PDM, and install them with just one click.  Gps is fast also.

The Raphael Elite rom RC3 link

This is the rom I’m using right now.  Very fast, and a lot of tweaks & apps built in.

Lantis OS link

Been using this one also.  Also very fast, and worth checking out his RC2 builds with Manilla HD included.

There is no best ROM.  Almost every rom is fast, and quite bugfree.  Test them all :)


Do you also pick up your phone accidentally from time to time ?  Most new roms have changed the default dialer with a new version that includes a dialer.

have a look at it here


HD manilla from Touch HD on HTC Diamond / Touch Pro

“Hackers” of XDA have managed to port the HD Manilla from the HTC Touch HD to the HTC Touch Pro & Diamond.  (manilla is the Touch Flo 3D user interface from the HTC Touch Pro / Diamond / Touch Hd).

some release notes :

- Fastest manila version
- 1 new tab – Stocks!
- 1 updated tab – Weather (now the forecast is for 5 days)
- BackGround4All pages mod included
- Forward option in messaging menu
- Customizable tabs. U can chage an order or hide any tabs you want by using new option in settings menu. Attention!!! U can see common tabs only !!!

Please note that all this is still beta.  It’s worth cheching it out, if you know what you’re doing.  Otherwise, i would wait untill a more stable (and easier to lauch) version is launched.

link here :

updates on custom ROMS for the HTC Touch Pro

I’m currently using ROMeOS V1.40, which is very fast and very stable.  Good GPS  reception, activesync / pushmail working 100%.  My HTC hasn’t crashed anymore in the last 2 weeks, which is a first!  I highly recommend this rom, it’s clean, it’s nothing fancy, but it made my Touch Pro the best GSM / pocket pc i’ve ever had.

  • ROMeOS² World Wide English version here
  • ROMeOS² French Version here
  • ROMeOS² Dutch Version here

Another very popular ROM atm is a Rom made by the PDAviet forum.  Some users are discussing this  rom here in English :  They are porting stuff from the Touch HD to the Touch Pro.  Haven’t tried this rom yet, but i’m following it closely, as it has some potential.

A first beta of the Elite Rom Project has been released here .  I wouldn’t recommend this rom yet (it’s beta), but as it’s made by a few of the best skilled rom devs, its worth checking it out.  It might become the best ROM yet.

and finally PROven Rom.  This guy is also porting stuff from the touch HD to the Touch Pro.  I might install a next version later, it has some potential.  Check it out here .

master list of HTC diamond manilla themes, icons, clocks, tweaks

NisseDilligaf made a huge list of available HTC diamond manilla tweaks, clocks, icons, themes etc etc.  Check it out here if you want to customize your diamond.

Some of these also work on the Touch Pro (icons, clocks, some themes).  Trial and error :)

ROMeOS 1.21 released for HTC Touch Pro

ROMeOS² got updated to version 1.21. Based on Htc Rom 20758.1.4.1, It’s really really really faster then any previous build / tweak I’ve ever tried.  Make sure you backup all your data before you flash to this rom.

tips on howto flash your Touch Pro here

tips on howto backup your data with pimbackup here

[v1.21] Consider this as BETA 2 or final if no major bugs
-[CHGED] NEW 20758 XIP & OS BUILD | Thanks to ayyu3m
-[CHGED] NEW ATT v1.95.502.5 BASE | Thanks to incognitho
-[CHGED] 4 icons in a row for programs & settings page supported but disabled by default.
-[CHGED] Manila now has full support for mun_rus Manila addon.
-[ADDED] mun_rus Manila addon (uninstallable)
-[ADDED] Shutdown animated screen

(All previous fixes/tweaks/hacks/etc has been applied to this ROM except new bugs may found)

HOWTO hardreset (format) your HTC Touch Pro

EDIT 2010 : the instructions below work on my phone,  (and on many phones), an unbranded original HTC Touch Pro (Raphael/Fuze).  If this would NOT work on your phone, there are a lot of comments below (thank you), with different ways to reset this phone, that worked for other users.  Good luck.

Hard resetting your phone is like reinstalling windows on your computer, and chosing to format your windows partition. It will wipe out all data of your phone, your messages, your contacts, pictures, xls data, everything.  Except what’s on your memory card.

So before you hard reset your phone, backup your data.  Some tips :

1. Backup your phone with PIM backup (messages, contacts, …)
2. copy your pictures etc either to your computer, or to your memory card
3. If possible, sync mail, tasks, calender, contacts with either your exchange server, or outlook, or …

To quote pda4x.com :

1. With your phone on. Pull out your stylus.
2. Hold your Touch Pro upside down.
3. Press and Hold the VOLUME DOWN and ENTER buttons, then press the RESET button with the stylus tip till message appear
4. To HARD RESET, Press the VOLUME UP button to perform the hard reset, or else press any other button to cancel.
5. Then just follow all the screen instruction to continue…

hardreset touchpro

hardreset touchpro

The Icons theme for HTC Touch Pro

check out the themes posted here . Kinda nice.

if you just want to replace your icons, and some tabs, check out the themes here

backup & change T9 custom words on windows mobile

before you flash or hard reset your device, you might want to backup your T9 custom words. They are saved in eT9Rudb.Rdb in the windows folder.  There is also eT9MyWord.exe in the windows folder, allowing you to edit, change, delete, … the custom words.

howto change the clock on a your HTC Touch Pro or Diamond

  • found some cool clocks here at XDA
  • just dload the cab and install

some images (nevermind the backgrounds, these aren’t mine).

The Glass clock


The Diamond clock


The Crystal Clock


Red Numbers clock


howto change themes on the HTC Touch Pro or HTC diamond

edit 23/01/09

a master list of themes, clocks, wallpapers etc has been created here at XDA


edit 03/11/08 :

a master list of themes and clocks and other tweaks has been created here at XDA

original post :

  • download and install Diamond TF3D Config here
    or here on it’s original forum thread at XDA
  • download a theme somewhere
  • you can find a lot of themes here at XDA
  • if needed change the .zip extension of the theme to .theme
  • copy the .theme file to your device
  • install the .theme file with TF3D config

TuxApple Theme


edit : this theme doesn’t work on my touch pro

HTC 3D theme

3d theme

a lot of other themes here :


another nice theme (ken diamond theme)


is it possible to change background of the other tabs on your HTC Touch Pro / diamond

q: is it possible to change background of the other tabs on your HTC Touch Pro / diamond

I think the answer at the moment is no.


according to this thread, with this modification it’s possible.  please be careful!

howto enable or disable threaded sms

in the registry

  • goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\OEM\
  • create a new DWORD SMSInboxThreadingDisabled with value 1 (enabled) or 0 (disabled).

by using Advanced Config from touchexperience

ROMeOS updated to version 1.10

The excellent ROMeOS for the HTC Touch Pro has been updated to version 1.10.

The changelog :

[v1.10] Sub version will doubled up when upgraded to new build
-[CHGED] NEW 20753 BUILD | Thanks to Jerpelea
-[CHGED] NITZ disabled by default (may avoid ActiveSync popup unnecessarily)
-[FIXED] Silent on Unknown Caller incoming call
-[FIXED] Some MMS alerts pointing to un-exist tone
-[ADDED] Phone option to automatic diconnect any active GPRS connections within 5 sec of phone sleep/suspend

I’ll be upgrading this weekend, as the silent on unknown caller bug is very annoying.  GPS speed is reported to be excellent with this build.

dload location and discussion thread here
howto flash your HTC touch Pro here

HTC Tweak : how to enable or disable mute phone when face down




for the touchpro/diamond

GPS problems with HTC touch Pro

The GPS unit isn’t working flawlessly on the  HTC Touch Pro.  I don’t know if the same problems exist with the HTC diamond, as it’s the same hardware.  As far as I know there are 3 possible solutions

  • Wait for HTC to fix the problem
  • flash your rom to ROMeOS 1.0.5, (or later) which has some GPS fixes
    dload location here
    howto flash your gsm here

    A. With Advanced config 3.2 http://www.touchxperience.com/fr/out…ol-32-cab.html

    1. disable A-GPS
    2. disable GPS logging
    3. logfile name must be empty
    4. old logfile name must be empty
    5. maximum size of logfile must be 0
    6 delete the files : \windows\GPSLogFile.txt and \windows\GPSLogFileBack.txt

    7. it seems that if TomTom is installed on a fast microSD decrease the lag(have to test to be sure)

    With those changes car usage will be quite perfect

    B. Then edit registry with TotalCommander http://ghisler.fileburst.com/ce/tcmdpocketarm.cab

    Under: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\

    - Drivers\GpsOneDevice\PollInterval -> 100 (default is 1000)
    - Drivers\InputBufferSize -> 512 (default is 4096)
    - Drivers\OutputBufferSize -> 512 (default is 4096)
    - Drivers\SleepOnNoData -> 100 (default is 1000)
    - Multiplexer\MaxBufferSize -> 512 (by default not present, you have to create it)

ROMeOS for HTC Touch Pro updated to version 1.05

will have to flash again :) the changelog

-[CHGED] Answerkey disabler moved to EXTCAB section
-[CHGED] Second today cpnl applet removed due to not functioning when 2nd today is not running in background.
-[CHGED] camera mode burst,gps,sport enabled by default
-[CHGED] WMP TouchPro Skin | Credits to PDAVIET
-[CHGED] GPS Tweak
-[CHGED] More icon change
-[ADDED] Comm mgr missing icon 3G + Beam

-[ADDED] AKU 1.2.3 messaging > EXTCAB
-[FIXED] Fixed Internet Sharing
-[FIXED] HTC Task Manager cab updated & fixed [EXTCAB]

check it out here

if you want to know how to flash you’re touch pro or diamond with a custom, check my guide here

Tweak your HTC diamond / Pro wallpaper

Edit 27/01/09 : 230 new nice wallpapers for your Fuze / Touch pro / diamond / Touch HD (…) here

Edit 17/11/08 : some more nice backgrounds here :

I’ve found a thread with some nice VGA wallapers at XDA here.

have a nice weekend :) With the latest ROMeOS installed, my Touch Pro is flying :) bye

ROMeOS for HTC v 1.04

I’m currently using ROMeOS, which made my HTC touch Pro superfast. Faster then with any tweaks or registry settings :)

check it out here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=426099

This ROM has MS Office 2007 + One Note,Calendar,Note,Calculator,Help,Search,Solitair e,Pocket IE,Pictures & Videos,Windows Media,Contacts,
SIM Manager,ActiveSync,Internet Sharing,File Explorer



latest fixes and updates

-[CHGED] change .net compact 3.5 source | i hope this may fix some .net apps issue
-[CHGED] jbed java font size modification
-[CHGED] more clear & nice white battery status icon with percentage | I modified from FInixNOver original file (this one really PITA)

-[ADDED] houming file explorer extension cooked in

-[FIXED] more band type selection
-[FIXED] manila weather database issue fixed
-[FIXED] fix ActiveSync issue (i hope so)
-[FIXED] opera may work with other Raphael model (i hope so)

HOWTO flash your HTC Diamond or HTC Touch Pro with a custom rom

We all love our Diamond or Touch Pro, but as you may have noticed, they might be slow, even after the tweaks & registry fixes, might contain too much or too little programs, or little, or y ou may like or dislike the interface. For every HTC device ever made, there must be over 10 custom roms, which may just be the ideal ROM for you.

I had the grey screen of death already twice this week on my Touch Pro (just a white screen with black dots). As HTC hasn’t come up with a fix (yet), I’m flashing my device. I’ve collected some info on how to do it (as it differs from my HTC P3300. I hope this information can be usefull for you too.

Note that If you do not wish to flash your device, you can speed up alot with the tweaks found here or by using HTC Advanced Config here

For the Diamond

1. Before you begin

  • backup all your data (see my post about pimbackup)
  • make sure activsync / windows mobile device center is working
  • turn off all power management options
  • find a rom you like
  • A lot of roms can be found here at XDA

2. HardSPL

Every Diamond or Touch Pro must have it’s SPL flashed with a version that allows any ROM. Default only allows the official HTC roms. This wasn’t the case with my P3300. This is actually quite easy, and you can flash back (if you would ever need to send your HTC back to HTC)

  • for a detailed guide with screenshots check here

3. Upgrade Radio

  • for a detailed guide with screenshots check here

4. and finally flash the rom

For the touch pro

interesting available roms

  • RomeOS : homepage here
  • Raphael Elite project (work in progress), homepage here
  • DCS touchpro rom : homepage here
  • I’m going to use the RomeOS.

1. Before you begin

  • backup all your data (see my post about pimbackup)
  • make sure activsync / windows mobile device center is working
  • turn off all power management options
  • find a rom you like
  • A lot of roms can be found here at XDA

2. HardSPL

  • for the Touch Pro you have to use this version found here, and not the one in the guide with screenshots!!!!
  • for a detailed guide with screenshots check the screenshots from the diamond here
  • hower make sure you’re using the correct hardspl version, not the one from the diamond!!!
  • also make sure you have .net framework 2.0 installed on your workstation.
  • note : the device will ask you if you trust publisher X. If you do not press yes fast enough, the update program on your pc may give an error. If you press yes at that moment, your screen will remain black. Just run the update utility again, and it will connect to your device and upgrade your SPL.
  • how to check that the Hard-SPL has completed successfully?
    boot into Bootmode by hoding volume down + pushing reset, see version number on tricolour screen, should now just say 1.90.0linex :)

4. and finally flash the rom

I’m not updating the radio at this time, so i’m going to point 4, flash the rom.

  • you can follow the screenshots from the diamond here
  • however specific instructions from the rom you will be using apply. In my case from romeos, found here

Just updated my Touch Pro with this rom, will update another post on how it works.

If you still feel uncomfortable in doing this, check out the guides posted above and the fora at XDA. Do not attemt to flash or update your device before you fully understand the procedure. Good luck! Also if you like to learn more about custom roms, cooking them, XDA is the site for you !