break in DVD

Just bought that new shiny plasma?  want to break it in?

The Break-In DVD is a set of 20 images that are 720p native resolution. The images are full screen colors so that the entire screen is 1 color at a time. The colors go from a white to a dark grey in 5 gradients, white to blue in 5 gradients, white to green in 5 gradients and white to red in 5 gradients. The images change every 30 seconds. The DVD image is available here with free downloading or it can be purchased if you don’t have the capability to burn your own DVD. Depending on the method used to create the DVD (S-VCD or DVD), the disc can run for as long as 24 hours.

Additional information on the break-in DVD can be found in the AVS Break-In DVD thread. When using the break-in DVD make sure the image fills the entire screen area (i.e., no black bars). Use the Zoom function on your source equipment or the TV to display a full screen image. If you cannot get the break-in DVD to fill the entire screen, do not use it for break-in!

PS: there is lot of discussion about it, but in general it’s adviced to break in your plasma the first 200 hours.


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