Ultimate Theft Alert for Windows Mobile

Just found this software.. Might be worth it to secure your new HTC toch devices.

A killer software to Secure your Expensive Pocket PC Devices!

The software will send you the thief’s contact number and location too with this new version!

How does it work?

The software has the capability to read the IMSI numbers of the SIM cards. Using this, the thief and owner’s SIM is identified. You shall add all your own SIM cards to the white list and whenever a new SIM is found, its probably the thief’ or Unknown person’s SIM, the software will then start to send alert messages to the list of alternate numbers that you add.

no theft

  • The SMS is sent from the new SIM and that helps you find who’s using the device.
  • The SMS is sent through backend and the new person is unaware of it completely.
  • The software will encrypt all the data on Storage card and/or any folders the customer chooses, on recognizing a new SIM. Prevents Data Theft! (under development)
  • If the device has a built-in GPS chipset, on recognizing a new SIM, the software starts to find fix of satellites and the co-ordinates can be retrieved through SMS! (All this is unknown to the thief/third person)
  • The software will also forward all SMS that the thief or the new SIM receives.
  • Incoming call numbers are also sent! You will know who’s calling the new person and everything adds up to the ease of retrieving your device!
  • The software will not be shown in Remove Programs list and so the thief cannot un-install or be aware of it.

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