my settings for the Samsung PS50A550

settings HDMI

Mode: Movie
Cell Light : 10
Contrast : 80
Brightness : 53
Sharpness : 0
Colour : 47
Tint : 50 50
Gamma : -1
Colour : Auto
Colour Temp : Warm 2
White Balance Menu:
Red-Offset : 29
Green-Offset : 25
Blue-Offset : 27
Red-Gain : 6
Green-Gain : 25
Blue-Gain : 24
Flesh Tone : 0
xvYCC : Off (or on if you have a xvYCC source ,  hint, your bluray player is not a xvYCC source)
HDMI Black Level : Normal
Just Scan enabled
Movie Mode High (test your source, you might prefer low)
Just scan (enabled for bluray / DVD)
Noise Reduction : High

VGA (Xbox 360)

same but brightness on 50, and most options disabled (not applicable on VGA anyway).

on VGA you might want to disable pixle shifting.  (makes a white line appear around the edges).

Note, the PS50A550 is the same as the PN50A550 or PS50A556, PS50A557, PS50A558.

For more information, check or


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