Samsung PS50A550: before you begin

1) update firmware
The first thing you should do after you unboxed your Samsung PS50A550, is update the firmware!  This will fix several key issues with this set.  Including fixes for focus / blur issues, judder at 1080p24.  The latest firmware also reduces issues with false contouring on human flesh(but doesn’t complete fix it).  You can download the latest firmware at the samsung website , and an easy to follow manual.

2) connecting the PS50A550 / PN50A550
Connecting the set is quite easy.  Just a few reminders

only scart1 is RGB.  If you’re still using Scart cables, buy a fully wired one, and connect it to scart1.
when using a DVI=>hdmi cable you must use HDMI2

3) how to enter the PS50A550 service menu :

When off, press info, menu, mute and power.
To get out again you’ll have to turn the tv off and then on.


4) for my optimal settings please check
However I’m still changing them 🙂
note that this set is also known as the ps50A551, PS50A556, PS50A557, PS50A558 or PN50A550


6 responses to “Samsung PS50A550: before you begin

  1. hay man are these updates suitable for all ps50a550’s

  2. yes, using latest version without problems

  3. What is the native resolution for your TV from the VGA in (i.e. if you plug a pc/laptop in, do you get 1920 x 1080 – using the VGA connector specifically)?

  4. I’m using aX360 on the VGA connector. It feeds the TV 1920 x 1080 and the tv has no problems accepting the 1920×1080 signal.

  5. It’s an old post I know, but I’ll test my luck and see If someone can help me!

    I am not able to find the download link for my PS50A550. Can someone please help?

    Thank you if anyone see this!

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