troubleshoot P2VError SNAPSHOT_FAILURE(-1) when doing a P2V with vmware converter

Possible fixes for Windows XP and Windows 2003

  • XP and Windows 2003 : check the volume shadow copy service in services

Possible fixes for Windows 2000

  • Upgrade vmware converter to latest version
  • try not resizing the disks
  • run a chkdsk
  • install the converter with a local admin account on the host you want to P2V
  • defragment
  • ignore pagefile or do not ignore pagefile
  • deinstall other imaging tools (ultraback, acronis,…)
  • if all else fails, use another imaging tool

investigate the logfiles on both the server running vmware converter as on the target!!!

for example i found this in a failled converter log :

[#2] [2008-09-24 14:29:53.625 ‘App’ 2824 verbose] [snapshotVolumeFactory,148] Creating snapshot using vsnap
[#2] [2008-09-24 14:29:53.625 ‘App’ 2824 verbose] [snapshotVolumeVSNAPWin32,124] Vsnap does not have admin rights

=> in this case, uninstalling the converter, and pushing it again with a local admin fixed this.


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