Lord of the Rings most wanted film on bluray

To quote Homecinema choice

The Lord Of The Rings trilogy are the movies most film fans want to see released in high definition, according to a survey conducted by TDK. Peter Jackson’s epic beat out a list of Oscar winning classics, including Ben Hur and Casablanca.

The Rings trilogy has had HD outings already on Sky and C4HD, but has yet to be released on Blu-ray.

The research was carried out to celebrate the arrival in London’s Covent Garden of TDK’s Life on Record’s trailer, a mobile gallery devoted to technology and media with a focus on hi-definition.

If you want to visit though you’ll need to be quick; it’s only parked in Covent Garden until Tuesday16 September as part of a 12 month European tour.

According to TDK’s survey, the top five films consumers believe will look best on Blu-ray are:

1 Lord of the Rings
2 Terminator
3 Gladiator
4 Rocky
5 Casablanca

Who wants Rocky or Casablanca on bluray?



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