howto change themes on the HTC Touch Pro or HTC diamond

edit 23/01/09

a master list of themes, clocks, wallpapers etc has been created here at XDA


edit 03/11/08 :

a master list of themes and clocks and other tweaks has been created here at XDA

original post :

  • download and install Diamond TF3D Config here
    or here on it’s original forum thread at XDA
  • download a theme somewhere
  • you can find a lot of themes here at XDA
  • if needed change the .zip extension of the theme to .theme
  • copy the .theme file to your device
  • install the .theme file with TF3D config

TuxApple Theme


edit : this theme doesn’t work on my touch pro

HTC 3D theme

3d theme

a lot of other themes here :

another nice theme (ken diamond theme)


31 responses to “howto change themes on the HTC Touch Pro or HTC diamond

  1. I can’t use the newer program once installed. I get an error message. I have an HTC Diamond thru Sprint. Can anyone offer any assistance? Thanks!

  2. Which error do you get?

    the application is being discussed here :

  3. i was having so much trouble with this so what i did was i went into file explore and program files diamond tf3d and you should see tweeks after it opens and then you just delete and go restart the program worked for me hope it does for you..

  4. hey thanks,for that help on the tf3d it works when you delete the tweaks. i have the touch pro i couldnt get it to work had an error at first now it pulled write up.

  5. halesho bebar

  6. if you have a touch pro go to program files diamond tf3d and delete tweaks it will work just fine

  7. i have the solution for this problem…
    1 install diamond tf3d
    2 go to divice/program files/diamond tf3d/erase the file named tweaks…
    4 open the software —-> diamond tf3d conf

    enjoy it!!!

  8. Can HTC Touch 3G a.k.a HTC Jade use this program?

  9. how do i get the tuxapple theme for my htc touch pro?

  10. some 1 plz help me i hav diamond and i installed it fine and it did open whwn i tap on appearance it asks to choose the file path but below it says u need atleast 20mb on ur device wat am i supposed to do?

  11. Just have a question, when I download the setup file to my phone and press it the screen turns grayand nothing happens, what am I doing wrong

    • i have the same problmen travis 😦 my touch diamond opens the setup file with opera… is it supposed too do that?

      pls answer ! ! NEED HELP FASt

  12. ya i agree with traves..pls help us

  13. Pls HELP ME ! !

    i dont know how to even install it !

  14. i cant even see an .cab file when i downloaded the TF3D >.<

  15. solved the problem 🙂

  16. how do i download tf3d to my htc touch diamond?(alltel/verizon)

  17. how do i download it for htc touch pro for sprint so i can change the dial pad themes i need to no everything i have to fo

  18. i tried downloading which went fine. then restarted it and opened the tf3d it says unexpected error try quitting program and re open it but just keeps sayin same thing… plz help btw have a touch diamond thanks.

  19. HELP… i have the HTC touch pro how do i get these themes i really want one please:]] ily….


  21. i have an HTC touch diamond 2 i downloaded the tf3d config and that programs does not work even when i delete the tweaks folder. Am i doing something wrong and is there anything else i can do to download and install themes

  22. ummm i a beginner to this ,, how do you even download the TF3D ?? Plzz help , i am only 14 😦

  23. hi all i need ur help… i already install tf3d config at my htc diamond 2,but program cannot run…
    program show error..
    \an unexpected error has occured in diamond tf3d config.exe,select quit and then restart this program,or select details for more information…
    i need help from somebody… u can emeil me at

  24. when i click on apply it say removing files then ask to restart.when the phone turns on the default htc/windows mobile theme is still active and not the installed one. PLZ HELP ME

  25. hi sir.i am using htc t5353 touch diamond2. i am instaled tc fl3d cng file.but it is not wt u do

  26. türkcemi bu program

  27. plzzz tell me how to change the themes of htc diamond i have downloaded many themes which is stored in zip but not geting the way to change it

  28. plz tell me 1 thing how to change htc touch themes i have downloaded so many theme but but not getting the way tu change it plz contact this num 03345666352

  29. i cant do it

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