Firmware update for PN50A550

There is a new firmware update for the PN50A550 which is the US version of the PS50A550 / PS50A556.

It’s being discussed here on AVforums:

Robert: On your website there is a new firmware listed for my pn50a550. What problems does this firmware correct?
Dylan D: I will let you know about it.
Dylan D: Let me check that for you.
Robert: ok thanks
Dylan D: Firmware update will fix intermittent red blur when watching moving pictures. It will enhance the color processing capabilities of the TV. It will fix a problem with a totally green screen when connect to certain HDMI devices. It will improve the WiseLink detection.
Dylan D: Is there anything else I can help you with Robert?
Robert: Is that all the update addresses?
Dylan D: Yes Robert. I am reading directly from the service bulletin matched to this update. Have I answered your question?
Robert: Yes, thank you.

I do hope that this update will come soon to Europe also, as the european version is still flawed with false contouring.  Actually I believe both versions are flawed, guess you only notice it on PAL source material.


3 responses to “Firmware update for PN50A550

  1. What is the factory default setting for PS-50A551 in option menu/ PDP filter
    and PDP Group??
    Thank you

  2. I’ll have a look at it tonight? This is in the service menu right?

  3. right, it’s 50FMESH_P4
    PDG GROUP = S5E_CMe-

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