RomeOS version 1.13 released for the HTC Touch Pro

There is a new version of ROMeOS available to dload here

It’s also available in Dutch, German, Spanish, French & Swedish.

update 22/10 : this is the fastest rom for the touch pro I’ve tried to date.  It also gives the best audio performance.  No more low volume when calling people 🙂  Still have to try gps.

The changelog since version 1.10


-[CHGED] Various fixes from user’s feedback (i cant remember to list ). Hope this will be final for 20755 Base. Thanks.
-[CHGED] Removed BTBPP,BTSAP & HTC Vol Control (Available as extended cabs)

-[CHGED] More experimental modifications | hope may fix some user issue
-[CHGED] New AudioParameters patch
-[CHGED] Flash Lite 3.1 available in extended cab

-[CHGED] Updated latest Opera 9.5.2392 (Flash Lite v3.1 supported)
-[CHGED] New AudioParameters patch
-[CHGED] Changed some icons for pnotepad, WiFi & WLAN
-[ADDED] Flash Lite 3.1 cooked in.

-[CHGED] NEW 20755 BUILD | Thanks to Jerpelea
-[CHGED] Removed SMCLOSE due to stability issue
-[CHGED] Updated 2nd today
-[CHGED] Some registry tweaks
-[ADDED] Tillanosoft notepad with txt, inf & ini files association
-[FIXED] Silent on unknown number incoming call & 3G video call

[v1.10] Failed version with build bugs
-[CHGED] NEW 20753 BUILD | Thanks to Jerpelea
-[CHGED] NITZ disabled by default (may avoid ActiveSync popup unnecessarily)
[FIXED] Silent on Unknown Caller incoming call
[FIXED] Some MMS alerts pointing to un-exist tone
-[ADDED] Phone option to automatic diconnect any active GPRS connections within 5 sec of phone sleep/suspend


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