ROMeOS 1.21 released for HTC Touch Pro

ROMeOS² got updated to version 1.21. Based on Htc Rom 20758.1.4.1, It’s really really really faster then any previous build / tweak I’ve ever tried.  Make sure you backup all your data before you flash to this rom.

tips on howto flash your Touch Pro here

tips on howto backup your data with pimbackup here

[v1.21] Consider this as BETA 2 or final if no major bugs
-[CHGED] NEW 20758 XIP & OS BUILD | Thanks to ayyu3m
-[CHGED] NEW ATT v1.95.502.5 BASE | Thanks to incognitho
-[CHGED] 4 icons in a row for programs & settings page supported but disabled by default.
-[CHGED] Manila now has full support for mun_rus Manila addon.
-[ADDED] mun_rus Manila addon (uninstallable)
-[ADDED] Shutdown animated screen

(All previous fixes/tweaks/hacks/etc has been applied to this ROM except new bugs may found)


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