updates on custom ROMS for the HTC Touch Pro

I’m currently using ROMeOS V1.40, which is very fast and very stable.  Good GPS  reception, activesync / pushmail working 100%.  My HTC hasn’t crashed anymore in the last 2 weeks, which is a first!  I highly recommend this rom, it’s clean, it’s nothing fancy, but it made my Touch Pro the best GSM / pocket pc i’ve ever had.

  • ROMeOS² World Wide English version here
  • ROMeOS² French Version here
  • ROMeOS² Dutch Version here

Another very popular ROM atm is a Rom made by the PDAviet forum.  Some users are discussing this  rom here in English :  They are porting stuff from the Touch HD to the Touch Pro.  Haven’t tried this rom yet, but i’m following it closely, as it has some potential.

A first beta of the Elite Rom Project has been released here .  I wouldn’t recommend this rom yet (it’s beta), but as it’s made by a few of the best skilled rom devs, its worth checking it out.  It might become the best ROM yet.

and finally PROven Rom.  This guy is also porting stuff from the touch HD to the Touch Pro.  I might install a next version later, it has some potential.  Check it out here .


2 responses to “updates on custom ROMS for the HTC Touch Pro

  1. is the ROMeOS V1.40 rom also for CDMA? and if so does it have pushmail? I am really interested in flashing my phone but dont know what rom to go with i would like the fastest and most stable but still have all the essentials like my camera of course and htc album as well as th g game, please help if you can

  2. Hey, my question is about flashing a HTC Touch Pro. Is it possible to take any Touch Pro, from any carrier, and put another’s software on it? Namely, I want to use a Touch Pro with Alltel service. Any help you could give or point me to in this manner would be MUCH appreciated!

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