Update on Themes, roms, games & dialer for your HTC Touch Pro / Fuze

long time since there has been an update,

some new themes for your touch pro / Fuze

What is CFC compression

Thanks to Chainfire for that. What’s CFC? Its a compression method for the tf3d image files that greatly reduces file size. The CFC cab and zip below also included a modified manila.exe and mode9.dll necessary for the cfc compressed files along with two other dlls and ALL manila image files compressed. CFC compression allows for quicker tf3d.

BBExtreme 2 link



This is, in my opinion, the nicest theme around.  CFC and non CFC version available.  only problem => the guy removed the calender.  A new version should come available this weekend with the calender added back in!

Blue TF3D link


from the same guy, nice blue theme.  CFC compressed version available.


Touch Pro Super Arcade 3.3 link

One cab, with these games

Navtetris by Baldo
Net Hack PPC by M Stephenson
All Mobile Mines by BinaryFish
Battleship by Steve Belczyk
Chess by Valentin Iliescu
Clickball by
Connecting Jigsaw
Crosswords by Eric House
Cubicle Chaos from Microsoft
Dope Wars by Jenifer Glover
ICBM by Geoff Macdonald
G-Invaders by ageye DONATE
Tangled Bugs by XflibINFO
TripYzee by Tim C.
Caver by Ageye DONATE
Diamond Beer v2 by cgeboers
Sensory Overload by Koush
Pocket Uno by OrangaProgramaro
Pipes by Xflib
Sudoku by Xflib


I’ve flashed a lot of roms in the last few months.  Some ROMS to remember

The Amazing Rom v10 R WWE link


This is without a doubt, one of the nicest looking roms out there.  It’s quite fast, and a nice addition id P.D.M.  This enables you to download cabs from the PDM, and install them with just one click.  Gps is fast also.

The Raphael Elite rom RC3 link

This is the rom I’m using right now.  Very fast, and a lot of tweaks & apps built in.

Lantis OS link

Been using this one also.  Also very fast, and worth checking out his RC2 builds with Manilla HD included.

There is no best ROM.  Almost every rom is fast, and quite bugfree.  Test them all 🙂


Do you also pick up your phone accidentally from time to time ?  Most new roms have changed the default dialer with a new version that includes a dialer.

have a look at it here



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