howto install openfiler on hyper-v

If you would need a virtual NAS in your hyper-v lab/test environment, you might consider OPENFILER.  Please note that if you’re looking for a free filer/nas solution that supports iSCSI 3 (persistent reservations) for a windows 2008 cluster, then you might prefer FreeNAS.  Openfiler does not support this out of the box, technically it’s possible, but not from the GUI.  Check the openfiler forums for more info.

  • download the .ISO at
    there are virtual appliances available for XEN & ESX, not for HYPER-V (atm), but installing it only takes 6 minutes
  • Create a new VM, size it like you want, but do not oversize it.  for test 1VCPU, 512MB RAM, 2GB disk will do.
  • add a legacy network adapter
  • mount the .ISO
  • connect and start the VM.  As I’m connecting trough an RDP session (most of you will), there is no mouse support.  That’s why i’ve chosen the text based setup (type linux text).
  • there is a nice howto on about the install.  Installing openfiler is rather easy, if you can enter an IP, hostname and invent a rootpassword, then you will encounter no problems.
  • reboot, browse to https://xx.xx.xx.xx:446 (446, not 443!) and…
  • if you logged on with root, you’ll notice that there is not much to config.   That’s right, the default admin credentials (atm) are  user : ‘openfiler’ , password : ‘password’ .  I guess this is a classic case of RTFM.
  • that’s it, your openfiler is installed in < 10 minutes.  Now you can add virtual disks in hyper-v and configure your openfiler.

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