xenclient tips and tricks

this applies to Xenclient RC2.

fire up console : ctrl + Shift + t
xenclient performance data : xentop
change / check vhd : vhd-util
control VM: xec

convert existing os, server, etc : just do xenconvert of an existing machine to a vhd.  create new VM, replace .vhd in /storage/disks , fire up vm and install xentools.

Citrix created an blog post about this : how to P2V your existing OS.

mount iso to vm. => copy (scp) to /storage/iso , hit ctrl + q to refresh xenclient, and you ‘ll be able to mount the .iso in the virtual drive that normally mounts the xentools.

  • update : found that filename should be lower case only

sleep portable (stable on dell E6510) : ctrl + 0 to xenclient, put power / sleep ,  ignore message, ctrl + (nr of vm) back to vm, sleep vm, and the portable sleeps.  (other ways are never stable).

  • update R 1.0 => hitting sleep just works now.

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