xenclient tips and tricks

this applies to Xenclient RC2.

fire up console : ctrl + Shift + t
xenclient performance data : xentop
change / check vhd : vhd-util
control VM: xec

convert existing os, server, etc : just do xenconvert of an existing machine to a vhd.  create new VM, replace .vhd in /storage/disks , fire up vm and install xentools.

Citrix created an blog post about this : how to P2V your existing OS.

mount iso to vm. => copy (scp) to /storage/iso , hit ctrl + q to refresh xenclient, and you ‘ll be able to mount the .iso in the virtual drive that normally mounts the xentools.

  • update : found that filename should be lower case only

sleep portable (stable on dell E6510) : ctrl + 0 to xenclient, put power / sleep ,  ignore message, ctrl + (nr of vm) back to vm, sleep vm, and the portable sleeps.  (other ways are never stable).

  • update R 1.0 => hitting sleep just works now.

dsa.msc : Windows can not find “dsa.msc” in Windows 2008

Old habits die hard.  Used to be able to launch dsa.msc from any (terminal) server you’re currently logged on to ?

You’ll need to install the W2K8 feature AD Snap ins and command line tools.

with powershell :

PS C:\Windows\system32> Import-Module ServerManager
PS C:\Windows\system32> Add-WindowsFeature RSAT-ADDS-Tools

howto force windows update client to check for updates now

  • stop automatic update service (wuaserv)
  • delete LastWaitTimeout / DetectionStartTime & NextDetectionTime reg keys
  • start automatic update service
  • run wuaclt /detectnow

script available at msmvps.com blogs

Citrix Quick Launch

The citrix online plugin v11 was the last version to include the Citrix Program Neighbourhood, forcing citrix admins to migrate to configure a program neighbourhood agent site, or a web interface.   While this was a good move, this might make simple troubleshooting a bit harder.

Therefore citrix created the Citrix Quick launch.  Citrix Quick Launch can connect to a server over ICA, or to a published application.  You can even create a .ICA file with it.  download here

Edit : Citrix has updated Citrix Quick launch to version 2.1 .  Please note that you do need to have the citrix online plugin installed AND if you’re using Windows 7, you might need to copy and register TabCtl32.ocx from a Windows XP/2003 box.

software restriction policies on a SBC environment

As a best practice, you should always consider Software restriction policies to harden our SBC environment (pre Windows 2008 R2), with hash rules.

Microsoft Technet article can be found here

XenDesktop on hyper-v articles and info

exchange 2010 calender sync issue with HTC Desire

=> workaround can be fond here :