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edit 27/10/08 :

This weekend I upgraded my Touch Pro to this custom rom: ROMeOS² v 1.21
This rom is based on HTC Rom version 20758.1.4.1 .  I highly recommend using this rom, but as this is rom is not an official HTC rom, you have to flash at your own risk.

You can still use the tweaks below, and wait for HTC to officialy release an official rom.  The performance difference with this new rom is night and day.
howto flash your touch pro here
more about RomeOS here

original post :

Tweaks from the diamond tested on the Touch Pro

Boost TFL3D Performance –> Using Advanced Config, change File system cache to 8mb and file system filter cache to 131072
Tested and works a treat. TF3D is sluggish and prone to long pauses before tweak, much faster afterwards

Boost TFL3D Performance –> HKLM\System\Storagemanager\Fatfs and change key Cachesize from 16384 to 32768
Much quicker than number 1 on it’s own, now stonkingly fast.

Wake Up on New SMS –> HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL : DisableSMSWakeUpEvent <– set to “1” by default. Change value to “0”
The Raphael (and the diamond on 1.93) now ring and vibrate for incoming SMS, so this is not really necessary, but will turn the screen on if that’s what you want (I personally don’t).

Switch Mute Call on phone flipped face down: HKLM\Software\HTC\PHONE : FaceDownMuteRing: change value to “0”
Working correctly

Boost TFL3D Scrolling Speed –> – HKLM\SYSTEM\GDI\GLYPHCACHE\limit = 16384 or 32768 (DWORD decimal)
– To change it back to the default: – HKLM\SYSTEM\GDI\GLYPHCACHE\limit = 8192 (DWORD decimal)
Did this using schaps advanced config and it does not seem to make any difference whatsoever.

Prevent screen switching off during phone call –> HKEY_Local_Machine\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL\EnableFastD ormantDisplayDuringCall to 0 (Note: does not work on all ROMs) Doesn’t work
AND (tested and works on EU ROMs thanks to Rod65)
HKCU\ControlPanel\Phone\Sleep switch value from 1 to 0 Doesn’t work
These failed to work individually and also when applied as a pair. No use on this Raphael ROM.
HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL\FastDormancyRule=0 doesn’t work either.
EDIT: this kinda worked when I tried it on the 1.90.405.1 ROM. the screen turns off once, but once you turn it back on, it stays on. YMMV.

Set HTC Album X button to close not minimize: ok_minimize change value to 0
Not needed any more. When task manager is set to close programs with the x button, album shuts correctly. Youtube on the other hand, doesn’t.

Disable Enlarged Title bar (when you click on a notification) to the default WM behavior: HKLM->Software->HTC->EnlargeTitleBar – and change “Enable” from 1 to 0.
Not needed any more. Start>settings>system>touchflo. Untick Show system status screen when status icons are tapped

Turn off startup aninmation and sound: HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\HTC\HTCAnimation\ -> rename both “StartupGif” and “StartupWav” to other names
Works, but does not speed up boot time.

Enable GPS photo: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HTC\Camera\P10 -> change the value “enabled” from 0 to 1

Another supposed TFL3D tweak for better performance: HKLM\Software\OEM\TFLOSettings:
SpeedHigh: default value (25) <– Change to (5) / SpeedLow : default value (70) <– Chnge to (14) save and soft reset
No difference that I noticed, but no adverse affects either.

Adjust screen sensitivity: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\TouchPanel
Value = PressureThreshold
Change from the default dword:00000027 or 34 to dword:000000f0 or 240 in decimal

Works fine. Can also be done in Schaps advanced config.

More Camera Modes:
To Enable ‘Burst’: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HTC\Camera\P6 -> change the value “enabled” from 0 to 1
Works. Keep button pressed down to take more pictures

To Enable ‘Sport’: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HTC\Camera\P8 -> change the value “enabled” from 0 to 1

Works. Takes 5 pictures in quick succession

To Enable ‘Video Share’: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HTC\Camera\P9 -> change the value “enabled” from 0 to 1

Enable HSUPA:
HKLM\Software\HTC\AdvancedNetwork\SupportHSUPA =change it to 1
Already enabled, so no need for this.

Remove orphan icons and shortcuts…97&postcount=3
Erm, why not just delete them in File explorer for F***s sake??

Four icons in a row in WM Programs/Settings screens –…4&postcount=16
Works a treat and looks pretty good too!

Remove Vertical and Horizontal Scrollbars
For the horizontal (bottom) scrollbar:
HKLM\System\GWE\cyHScr = 0 (DWORD decimal)
For the vertical (right) scrollbar:
HKLM\System\GWE\cxVScr = 0 (DWORD decimal)
Slight graphical distortion at the edge of the screen, but they are gone.

Disable SMS Conversation in WM 6.X
In Registry Editor: Create a folder named “OEM” in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Se ttin gs”
In the new “OEM” folder, make a new DWORD key called “SMSInboxThreadingDisabled” and give it a value of “1”

OEM folder already exists, and adding the key to this folder works a treat, although any messages already in the system are lost. Back them up using something like PIM backup first.

I didn’t get a chance to try them all as i only have the Raphael for a very limited time, so i tried the ones i was interested in first. I have the device for a few more days yet (Still allowed to borrow it from work for the time being) so i may try a few more and update this later on.

Need to make the most of my time here before I leave my job and don’t get access to the devices again!

EDIT: more have been added and tried.

cab file including these tweaks…7&d=1217964322 – thanks to cliffgardner (and whoever created it if it wasn’t you….!)

Smaller menus….php?p=2473569 – thanks to techdave and ukdj78

check out the complete thread here


18 responses to “tweaks for HTC touch pro

  1. thanks, hopefully the tweaks above will improve the performace of the touch flo s/w

  2. let me now how it goes, or if you find any more tweaks 🙂

  3. do you know how to turn the screen on htc pro? for example in sega genesis emulator but also in other apps not specifically for wm6.1 it comes out upside down in landscape.

  4. you could check out gsen

    freeware utility that does what you want (with mixed results).
    forum thread with more info

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  6. No.2 – the “stnkingly fast” improvement for TF3D….I get to FATFS and then what do I do? I see under FATFS two more folders named ENCFilt and HTCSFILTER. Do I create a new key or something?

  7. you ‘re one folder to far… you’re in HKLM\system\storagemanager\FATFS\filters

    go one folder back, to HKLM\system\storagemanager\FATFS\

    There you should see a DWORD value Cachesize which you can edit.

  8. ah got it, thanks for that. Now to find out how to improve battery life!

  9. I wouldn’t mind battery life too much. I used to charge my P3300 almost every day. Then I went to a rock festival and was afraid that the battery wouldn’t last the full 4 days…

    The 4 days, i turned off bluetooth and wifi. I didn’t play with GPS etc, no excel editing and other smart phone stuff. I did had to phone and sms a lot to people, but anyway, after 4 days the battery had still 60% of it’s power left…

    Same with the PRo, I charge the touch pro every day, but I do play with it a lot. I’m sure that when needed, battery will last 8 days without charging.

    Sure if you use GPS, it’s empty after couple of hours, but that’s the same with any gps device.

    just my 2P on the whole battery life story on the touch devices.

  10. Dear lievenvw,
    Thanks a lot ..i tried out the tweaks to speed up my Pro and now its works smooth like silk in the wind…

  11. Hi lievenvw,
    Your latest post indicated that you just upgraded to the RomeOS custom ROM. How much difference is this compared to running with the original ROM with all the tweaks enabled?

  12. If you would give the original HTC rom a 4/10 for speed, with tweaks a 6/10, then this would get a solid 8.

    The touch Flo menu is now very fast, it hasn’t hung or slowed down in a week, applications boot faster, browsing trough mails or sms is now much faster.

    browsing trough pictures on the Photos and videos tab is also faster now, but still isn’t as fast as for example on an Iphone.

    only complaint about this custom rom is that push mail isn’t working. should be fixed in version 1.22, but haven’t got the time yet to reflash.

  13. Yea I just flashed it to v1.22 (following your guide + links). You are right this is really astoundingly fast thanks for the guide it really helped.

  14. a lot of time looking for online information about discounts on software, I am very interested to read this blog, because you want to learn about all software updates! thanks

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  16. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  17. Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! pcaqk and 894nmuakfzpfs and 711 : I love your blog. 🙂 I just came across your blog.

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