HOWTO flash your HTC Diamond or HTC Touch Pro with a custom rom

We all love our Diamond or Touch Pro, but as you may have noticed, they might be slow, even after the tweaks & registry fixes, might contain too much or too little programs, or little, or y ou may like or dislike the interface. For every HTC device ever made, there must be over 10 custom roms, which may just be the ideal ROM for you.

I had the grey screen of death already twice this week on my Touch Pro (just a white screen with black dots). As HTC hasn’t come up with a fix (yet), I’m flashing my device. I’ve collected some info on how to do it (as it differs from my HTC P3300. I hope this information can be usefull for you too.

Note that If you do not wish to flash your device, you can speed up alot with the tweaks found here or by using HTC Advanced Config here

For the Diamond

1. Before you begin

  • backup all your data (see my post about pimbackup)
  • make sure activsync / windows mobile device center is working
  • turn off all power management options
  • find a rom you like
  • A lot of roms can be found here at XDA

2. HardSPL

Every Diamond or Touch Pro must have it’s SPL flashed with a version that allows any ROM. Default only allows the official HTC roms. This wasn’t the case with my P3300. This is actually quite easy, and you can flash back (if you would ever need to send your HTC back to HTC)

  • for a detailed guide with screenshots check here

3. Upgrade Radio

  • for a detailed guide with screenshots check here

4. and finally flash the rom

For the touch pro

interesting available roms

  • RomeOS : homepage here
  • Raphael Elite project (work in progress), homepage here
  • DCS touchpro rom : homepage here
  • I’m going to use the RomeOS.

1. Before you begin

  • backup all your data (see my post about pimbackup)
  • make sure activsync / windows mobile device center is working
  • turn off all power management options
  • find a rom you like
  • A lot of roms can be found here at XDA

2. HardSPL

  • for the Touch Pro you have to use this version found here, and not the one in the guide with screenshots!!!!
  • for a detailed guide with screenshots check the screenshots from the diamond here
  • hower make sure you’re using the correct hardspl version, not the one from the diamond!!!
  • also make sure you have .net framework 2.0 installed on your workstation.
  • note : the device will ask you if you trust publisher X. If you do not press yes fast enough, the update program on your pc may give an error. If you press yes at that moment, your screen will remain black. Just run the update utility again, and it will connect to your device and upgrade your SPL.
  • how to check that the Hard-SPL has completed successfully?
    boot into Bootmode by hoding volume down + pushing reset, see version number on tricolour screen, should now just say 1.90.0linex 🙂

4. and finally flash the rom

I’m not updating the radio at this time, so i’m going to point 4, flash the rom.

  • you can follow the screenshots from the diamond here
  • however specific instructions from the rom you will be using apply. In my case from romeos, found here

Just updated my Touch Pro with this rom, will update another post on how it works.

If you still feel uncomfortable in doing this, check out the guides posted above and the fora at XDA. Do not attemt to flash or update your device before you fully understand the procedure. Good luck! Also if you like to learn more about custom roms, cooking them, XDA is the site for you !


38 responses to “HOWTO flash your HTC Diamond or HTC Touch Pro with a custom rom

  1. So how to prepare your Touch Pro to flash a ROM?

    Same way as the diamond?

  2. working on it as we speak 🙂 it differs from the P3300 I had before…

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  6. Where can I find the latest version for the Touch Pro UK or US version ROM? I am stuck with a Dutch version, and would like to change the language.

  7. if you want an unofficial rom, I would go for the ROMeOS, works like a charm.

    if you want an official rom check the wiki here

    tis maar zoals ge ‘t wilt 🙂

  8. Great walk-through, thank you for the great amount of help – worked perfectly!

  9. A follow on question, if you have advice I would appreciate it. I followed your guide here and used ROMeOs, works great. I did so though because I was given a Russian version of the touch pro – keyboard has cyrillic and all, but there was no English support for the OS. I know have the English OS, but no Russian capability. Ideally I’d like to get the keyboard to switch between the two languages, and I need font support as well so I can receive text messages. Any ideas? I saw on your site an item on registry edit to allow for Russian, but I can’t seem to edit the registry in the places described using the recommended regedit program. Esoteric questions, I know, thanks for any help.

  10. Hi,

    thanks for you kind comments.

    You could copy the registy entries in notepad, save it to a .reg file, copy the file to your phone, and then import the file with a registry editor (i use resco explorer, but it’s payware), or the registry editor from .

    This enables dutch T9 for me, and it should enable Russian T9 for you. However, i got no idea how to enable the cyrillic characters / fonts. I once read on the xdaforums that all the languages & fonts were included in every rom.

    For this question you should better ask the experts at I found them always willing to help.

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  13. So can these roms work with either GSM or CDMA?

  14. Wow nevermind found my own answer.. Linkage:

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  16. HI guys i was just wondering say i want to switch back to my standard rom how do i do it… Just incase i need to send my htc back

    Htc Touch Pro (South Africa)

  17. hey sorry, I am new to this whole flashing and ROM stuff, but you say you can go back to stock SPL, but never says how, please help because I am not going to do this to my phone if i am not 100% sure i will be able to figure out how to go back

  18. Thank you very much. Is the first place where I found easily how to flash my locked Touch Pro ROM.

    Thank you very much!

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  20. Hi.
    I’m interested in putting Android on my HTC Diamond.
    I already have the installer.
    Do you know if once Android is onto my handset it will still be possible to flash back Windows Mobile to it ?
    I have a ROM update (complete erase of the main memory) from the HTC website but it works only with Windows’ Active Synch.
    Android won’t have this feature.
    Any suggestion ? Idea ?

  21. I haven’t followed the progress on Android on the Diamond / touch pro. I just know they got it booted.

    anyway, you can always flash roms as long as you can enter the bootloader. with stock SPL, only stock roms, with HARDSPL, any custom rom.

    So in theory, yes you can load another rom by entering bootloader. Bootloader will check for a rom on your sdcard first, after that it will search for an usb connection.

    However, I’m sorry to say, if you’re asking a basic question like this, I would do some further reading on XDA before flashing to Android, before you brick your device.

  22. thank you i will check xda as soon

  23. ok sorry for another question on this topic but … after i flash a hardspl on my device it will be possible to load any custom rom, including android ?
    without an hardspl my device instead will be bricked ? that means with no possibility of starting again the device?

    thanks again,

  24. another question : once i put an hardspl on my device, that can be a good way to go back on my stockspl by flashing a complete STOCK ROM ? i’ve read that stockroms have their own radio and spl …
    should this fix the hardspl ?

    thanks again,

  25. Hardspl has an overwrite protection, so stock roms can’t overwrite the hardspl.

    If you want to flash back from hardspl to stock spl (for warrenty), you first have to flash back StockRom, then stockradio, and finally the stockspl found on XDA.

    Without hardspl your device will be bricked if you try to load any customrom, as stockspl will only load stockroms. Bricked is a big word, in most cases, putting stock rom as RAPHIMG.NBH on your storagecard, rebooting in bootloader, and flashing back stock will “unbrick” your device.

    Again, I haven’t played with android roms on the touch pro yet, so I’m not going to comment on android. But android should work. If you would find a android rom, please read the forum, faq of that rom, it might be that another SPL/radio is needed.

  26. Hey thanks for the ‘walk through’, great resource and prompted me to go out and flash this my Diamond, something I’d knew would have to happen one day!

    So amazing that the ‘amateur’ hacking community can produce better software (i’m using Energy ROM) than people who have the full-time job of making OS for HTC!

    Lag is gone on typing messages and all-round things are speedier. Haven’t had it flashed long enough to see if the new radio rom has improved reception.

    Only problem is that I think restoring the PIM backup has corrupted something and made it so I cant sync my contacts to google now. I’ll fix that when I get some more time, otherwise, great!


  27. i succeeded in updating the HardSpl and then in loading up Android on my mobile !
    btw Android is not a stay-resident OS as it is distributed now on the internet… it saves it’s settings and file system into some linux package files that live on windows mobile… that’s great… but needs more work to do everything like windows mobile…

    anyway thanks for your help ! it is really appreciated !

  28. Morning,

    Thank you for the great walk through. I tried my hand last week, misguided at flashing the rom.

    My phone is bricked and I was hoping you might have some tricks up your sleeves.
    I cannot switch the phone on, by pressing any buttons or combinations there of and the active sync won’t pick up the device.

    Any advice?

  29. Hello,

    I done all this and finially my phone was dead and now tell what can i do?

  30. Hi – this looks like a great guide. I’m going to attempt updating my Touch Pro.

    Do you HAVE TO update the radio, or will it just use the one already on there if you don’t?

    Thanks, in advance

    • you don’t have to update the radio. However some roms work better with some radios, but the chef will always recommend a radio.

  31. Finally managed to update my ROM, thanks to this blog. Actually, this is the best step by step advice I have gotten from the net. Cheers lievenvw!!

  32. With this method i can unlock the simlock too? my device is a HTC Touch Viva…

  33. My spring HTC Touch Diamond phone has custom EnergyROM on it now, how do i change it back to original ROM?? thanks a lot.

  34. hello my HTC touch diamond cannot boot after install the flash..How to solve the problem????….

  35. hello my HTC touch diamond cannot boot after install the flash..How to solve the problem????….

  36. hey how are you i have htc touch pro i have problem with my phone i turn on my phone but its not fuction anything its just light and in screen show touch pro r
    d 5 tael-rom
    nothing else please help me i real love my phone please i need your answer
    oooh by the way my english is weak

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